Rabbi Avi Weinstein

Webyeshiva broadcasts from Poland, visits a friend who is ill and proves that the bonds of a virtual community can be strong indeed.

In Uncategorized on February 3, 2011 at 3:05 pm

My student, Joel Nowicki, has taken classes my classes on Webyeshiva from its beginning. Joel is gravely ill with lung cancer. He and his family live as the only Jews in an isolated Polish village. At the behest of Rabbi Brovender, marshalling the power of a virtual community, the students of webyeshiva chipped in to help Rabbi Brovender and Rabbi Jeffrey Sachs make the trip to Poland to bring a little light into this devoted student’s life and broadcast live from Joel’s apartment. Olam Chesed Yibaneh. The world is built on lovingkindness. For more on this story, click here for the Jerusalem Post article.


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