Rabbi Avi Weinstein

Stats for 2010 are in

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WordPress has spoken and by far the busiest day on this blog was when I referenced the Maccabeats and the synergistic ironies of celebrating Chanukah with beatbox  a capella rhythms.  Mindful that Torah and Mada (Western thought)  would not have been a mantra of Mattityahu and his brood doesn’t stop Yeshiva University from capitalizing on the holiday. This was merely an observation on how culture and tradition evolve, not a judgement on the phenomenon itself. I suspect that the word Maccabeats drew all the newcomers and few of them had the patience to read the short piece.

Nevertheless, there are stalwarts among you who keep returning to the blog and are kind enough to mourn the weeks of inactivity–a combination of being otherwise occupied and dry spells of the writing mind.  For you, the returning readr and for the sheer joy of putting ideas to paper, the blog will continue.  In the spirit of Psalm 87 “The Lord will count in the records of nations.” I wish everyone a “Happy New Year”!

Thanks for clicking in.


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