Rabbi Avi Weinstein

Psalm 87 Verse 6 Indicates that one may say “Happy New Year”!

In Uncategorized on December 27, 2010 at 8:24 am

Thanks King David. The verse states;

…ה’ יספר בכתוב עמים
“The Lord shall record, in the  registry of peoples…”
…in the registry of peoples i.e. using the way the nations record events, the Lord will count and acknowledge the Jews among them.  The solar calendar, or the way nations count, has, according to this verse, Divine acknowledgement. So, too, for you Jews in the diaspora, a nod to the Gregorian calendar, even if it is not “our” calendar, may be in order.

When Adam noticed the day diminishing, he said, “Is the world becoming darker because of
my sins, will it soon return to its unformed state and, so, is this the mortality that the
heavens have levied upon me?”  He prayed and fasted for eight days.  This was during the
period of Tevet so soon the days grew longer.  He then realized, “This is the way of the
world.”  Adam then chose to feast for eight days.” (Avoda Zara 8a)

And as the Beatles sang: Here comes the sun!
And Happy New Year!

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