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The Mitzvah of Butting In: The Mitzvah of Butting Out

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The tension between one’s privacy and one’s desire to be involved with others is one way to read this verse:

New Ideas to Prevent Texting while Driving

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An op-ed piece in the NYT argues that there are technological means to prevent people from texting while driving. One solution offered:

When a cellphone is used in a moving car, its signal must be handed off from one cell tower to the next along the route. This process tells the service provider that the phone is in motion. Cellphone towers could be engineered to not transmit while a phone is traveling. After a phone had stopped moving for a certain amount of time — three minutes, maybe — it would be able to transmit again.

Something needs to be done!


New File On Scribd

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For those new to the blog, I park my Jewish educational materials on Scribd.com. The latest of which is a more comprehensive missive on the Succot festival–including the origins of the custom of inviting a different Biblical ancestor to the Sukkah. For a surprising understanding of the mitzvah of Ushpizin along with a word copy of what was written below, check out the link!