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Blame It On the iPhone

In Uncategorized on August 21, 2009 at 5:56 pm

Some may have noticed that I have been posting less recently. There are three possible explanations:

  • I had a break from teaching for the last three weeks, and if I’m not teaching, I’m not learning.
  • I simply have nothing to say, but hope to have more to say soon.
  • I have recently purchased an iPhone which has me mesmerized with its apps, its packaging, and its ability to keep me in touch will all my email accounts, at all times.
I think the iPhone is making me stupider. My colleagues marvel at the promptness of my responses these days, but what they may not know, is that I’m using them as a pretext for perfecting the two thumb two step (touch?) of typing and texting. I know the day will come when I will resent this virtual ball and chain, just as the celebrity resents not being able to get a cup of coffee without being accosted, but for now, I have been ensorceled by the allure of this miniature marvel. It is a doomed relationship, but even brief passion is better than the numbness one now gets from one of those not so smart cell phones.
Oh, have to go, I heard a ding!