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"This is all my fault."

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So said Robert E. Lee to his troops after his costly defeat at Gettysburg. He then offered his resignation to Jefferson Davis thereby accepting full responsibility for losing what would later be considered the turning point of the Civil War.

Well, in the midst of this financial crisis, I have yet to hear those words from the Masters of the Masters of the Universe, or from Greenspan or Paulson. In fact, we are “treated” to a flurry of books and memoirs that state the opposite, or worse, finger someone else, or even worse, “I’m no more of a scoundrel than anyone else in this business.”
At least Medoff pleaded guilty.
“In a place where there are no people, strive to be a person!” (Pirkei Avot 2:5)
It is not colossal errors that show the measure of a man, but how one chooses to be accountable brings him up or down to size. These imposters, posing as leaders, never even tried or probably understood what it means to “…be a person.”