Rabbi Avi Weinstein

In Case You Think the Previous Post is Some Fluffy Pop Kabbalah, Look at this source from The Zohar

In Heavenly and Earthly worlds, Tikkun, Zohar on March 29, 2009 at 11:02 pm

The lower world is completely attached to the upper world, and until the lower world is complete, the upper world cannot be complete, as we have said.

“For the LORD God had yet to make it rain on the earth [and there was no man to till the soil].” (Genesis 2:5)
For one is dependent on the other.

(i.e. until there is someone to till the soil, there is no reason to make it rain. It is the act of preparing the earth that brings the rain.)

The lower world once repaired returns face to face [with the upper world] so that it too will be repaired thus finding the heavenly now attached to the earthly.

For before this happened, the world did not have its Tikkun (repair). Because “The Lord God had yet to make it rain on the earth.” So, you see, one is dependant on the other.

What is written after this verse? “And vapor ascended from the earth.” (Ibid 2:6) This is the earthly Tikkun which occurs after “the face of the earth was watered.” (ibid)

“And vapor ascended from the earth.” This is the desire of the feminine for the masculine. Zohar Vol. I:35a (My Translation)

(At this stage, the heavens are totally dependant on the earthly vapors for rain. First, the lower earthly world is repaired which in turn repairs the heavens.)

In other words, according to the Zohar, we control the flow, once the original waters poured down from the heavens, from then on the vapor ascended from the earth.

This source was previously quoted in the Tikkun Olam: The Massive Malapropism File.


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