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What’s in a miracle?

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If the sea splits, and no one is there to cross it? It’s not a miracle, it’s a fluke of nature.

Making my mark at Hallmark

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So, Hallmark cards has a Jewish line called Tree of Life. The problem is that very few Jews work on the line and they are trying to “hit the right notes” when it comes to the pithy aphorisms that express the sentiments of the uninventive or terminally lazy. Enter Ravavi in hours of consultation with these talented artists, calligraphers and writers. What a trip! I even came up with a Chanukah ditty–picture this!
A brassy Jewish mom on the cover ranting:

“You don’t write, you don’t call, you’re never there when I need you!”

Open it up and here goes the punch line: “I just thought I’d give you a little Chanukah guilt!”

Keep your eyes out for it before Kislev 25 rolls around. Bet your sweet latkes!


What are you yelling at me for? Beshalach

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During my years as the Senior Educational Officer at Hillel’s International Center, I created scores of files designed to be used for study sessions by Hillel professionals throughout the world. These are still parked in the archives of Hillel’s website and the links are still alive. Each week I will pick one of my faves and link to it for your edification. So, enjoy this tidbit on Parshat Beshalach! If there is interest in printable pdf. or word files, please let me know, and I will either send them to you through email, or I will put them up on Scorchin.